Our answer is simple, and that’s no!

Having customers who are satisfied is good but having customers who are loyal is great! The big difference between the two is that a loyal customer usually means increased upsell and better profitability for the business.

Our view is that many of today’s companies and businesses are so focused on chasing new customers that they almost forget about the existing ones. Loyal customers are not something you just get, it is something you must work on actively. It is about building a genuine relationship with each customer from the start and then continuing to nurture and refine that relationship.

Unlike the satisfied customer, the loyal person has a relationship with both you and your products or services, which means that they are much more inclined to recommend your services or products to friends and acquaintances. They are also likely to be more patient if a delivery is delayed or if there is any damage to the product when it arrives. Because the loyal customer knows you, trusts you and knows that you will resolve it in the best possible way.

It is common knowledge that a dissatisfied customer is heard more than 50 satisfied customers, but a loyal customer is heard most of all.