With our campaign system, you can easily encourage more purchases!

With our systems and premiums, you reach customers in retail and can encourage additional sales.

We handle everything from operating the system, the server, and support for purchasing, warehousing and logistics.

With extensive experience in encouraging purchases with premiums, we are ready to help you all the way from campaign systems to pure purchasing assignments.

Design and copy are set up according to your graphic profile and we handle both premium purchases, delivery to end customers and customer service via telephone and email.

Let us help you increase purchases!

– The points shop’s purchases, warehousing and logistics are handled entirely by Loyalty Group.

– Loyalty Group provides customer service via email and telephone that helps your employees with questions regarding delivery and products from the points shop.

– Bespoke emails are handled by Loyalty Group as desired.

– Loyalty Group is Sweden’s largest buyer of many major brands! With us, you reach a unique price point and the highest possible value for money.