With modern technology and completely responsive solutions, we help our customers with different types of web development. We offer everything from adaptations of our existing platforms to pure web development based on unique needs. All with the aim of building loyalty in different ways to the company we work for.

With Europe’s best developers, we build unique solutions based on your individual needs and wishes. With a secure logistics centre, we deliver a best-in-class experience.


Wernerssons Ost

Among other things, Loyalty Group has built and designed Wernerssons Ost’s new website, which was launched in June 2021 – a completely responsive solution that will work just as well on smaller units as on larger ones. Wernerssons Ost’s new website is tailored to a technologically advanced platform that can be developed constantly and get exciting new functions added to it. Loyalty Group takes care of everything from basic design and coding to technical support and further development.

Furthermore, Loyalty Group handles all SEO optimisation for the best search results on Google, and ongoing analyses to constantly keep the page adapted to what potential customers and suppliers demand.

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