Here at Loyalty Group, we build and run customer-adapted shops for bonus points and point redemption, with the functions that your company is after. When we take care of the entire flow, you get a completely optimised, adaptable, and profitable IT solution with technical functions, as well as personalised service and commitment. We are always available and take responsibility for the entire flow from systems, servers, running and support, to purchasing, capital tie-up, warehousing, logistics to the end customer, payment solutions and customer service via telephone and email.

We and our IT developers will sit down with you and analyse your needs to examine if there is any technical basis to start from or if we need to start from nothing.

Besides bonus points and point redemption shops having to be user-friendly, it is important to source a good assortment of goods. With a network of Europe’s best-known brands, we source unique products with a perceived high value for your customers. We are an independent partner without any brands of our own, and we only strive for optimal customer satisfaction for you. We always select the best!

– Better relations, increased loyalty, higher customer satisfaction and better NPS – we love to see the result of our work. Together, we will develop the perfect solution for your company.

– Continual investigations of customer behaviour and experience are important to develop in the right direction, and at the right time.

– Our distribution centre has a high logistical capacity, and daily handles large volumes for distribution. After 40 years, and more than two hundred million delivered customer orders, they have finetuned their processes for maximum efficiency and reliable quality.

– We have a platform that is adaptable to all your needs – there are no technical limitations.

Vinstvalet – Postkodslotteriet

One example of a point redemption shop that Loyalty Group has built is Svenska Postkodlotteriet’s (the Swedish Postcode Lottery) prize shop Vinstvalet. The shop was launched in 2016 to great success and with a notable increase in customer satisfaction. Today, work continues daily with efficient product sourcing, daily running and constant improvements on the system. We also work ceaselessly to develop user-friendliness, and continuously with purchasing, warehousing, customer service and logistics.

”When you win in Vinstvalet, you get to choose from quality products from well-known brands. You can also choose to withdraw the value of the prize in cash.”

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