A bonus shop is an easy way to add value to a customer relationship. The customer quickly feels seen and appreciated, which contributes to loyalty building. Loyalty Group’s product team are constantly out at trade fairs, and monitor trends. With our network of well-known brands and our status as one of Sweden’s largest purchasers, you reach maximum benefit levels for your customers.

We have good solutions that can be easily adapted to your graphic profile and meet your technical requirements. The shop is kept closed to outsiders and requires login in the form of a code, membership number, direct link or BankID. Everything to make your customers understand that these offers are unique to them.

Business development meetings take place with us as desired, and we ensure that you achieve maximum effect with your bonus shop.

In addition to IT, product development, purchasing and capital tie-up, Loyalty Group is responsible for warehousing, logistics and delivery to the customers, as well as responsibility for the server, daily operations, support, store management and customer service. Loyalty Group has a wonderful and service-oriented customer service team who take care of your customers in the absolute best way. They respond to emails and telephone calls, weekdays 8.00am to 6.00pm, either as “first line” or “second line”, depending on the needs of your company.


Vinstshop – Elitfönster

The prize shop for Elitfönster was launched in February 2021. It is a new site to motivate all Elitfönster’s retailers. Elitfönster’s new motivational programme includes a reward system with an associated points shop from Loyalty Group. The assignment includes both implementation and operation of the site as well as product supply, warehousing, logistics and customer service.

”Elitfönster is one of the Nordic region’s largest window manufacturers. A well-established brand that has always guaranteed security and quality. We are proud that we have been entrusted with delivering this bonus shop.”

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