Loyalty Group is a Helsingborg-based company that works with complete solutions in customer satisfaction and loyalty. We are a happy and service-oriented team with a high tempo and our common goal is clear – that those who work with us should be jubilantly satisfied!

Many of today’s companies are constantly working to chase new customers and that is something we also help with, but we do not stay there. We work with the entire life cycle by establishing, nurturing, and refining the customer relationship. In all our collaborations, we take responsibility for the entire flow from start to finish. We develop and implement IT solutions, work with product development, purchasing and warehousing, and we also handle all logistics and customer service.

When it comes to bonuses, we are one of Sweden’s largest purchasers when it comes to both brands and sourcing products.

Another thing we help with is loyalty building where we focus on strengthening the relationship between your company and your existing customers.

We also help with e-learning and motivational systems where we target salespeople, retailers and above all employees to increase their knowledge and motivation.

Good technology, mobile solutions and a passionate commitment are a given with us!

For more information click here or contact us at: info@loyalty-group.se